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Name:  Anna-Maria Campoli
Date:  Monday May 23, 2005
Time:  03:40 PMcomments:Have you published any books? if so, where can I buy one.

Name:  Judy Reid
Date:  Wednesday August 16, 2006
Time:  08:38 AMcomments:Hi Sheila.  Just found your web-site and had to let you know that I saw it.  Love the quilts you have displayed here.  Continue the good works and hope to see you at the picnic in august.

Name:  Marilyn Rodway
Date:  Thursday February 08, 2007
Time:  04:04 PMcomments:Your quilts look lovely,  I tried to sign up for your 2 classes at Quilt Canada, but unfortunately they are all filled up, so was wondering if you are going to be teaching any other classes in B.C. in the near future.
Also wondering if you a book printed with you designs.
Your type of quilting and applique need to have a book printed.
Thanks, keep up the good creative work.
Marilyn Rodway

Name:  Janet Armstrong
Date:  Friday May 04, 2007
Time:  01:19 PMcomments:Hi Sheila,  I'm preparing my introductory remarks for your presentation--thanks for having a website that gives me some "grist for the mill"!  See you later...Janet

Name:  Penny Cherry
Date:  Friday November 23, 2007
Time:  11:51 AMcomments:Your "poppies" quilt just sings to me!
Penny in Fl.

Name:  Marilyn Z McWilliams
Date:  Sunday January 06, 2008
Time:  11:48 AMcomments:I love your work! Do you have any patterns available for sale to your admirers?

Name:  jill adams
Date:  Tuesday February 26, 2008
Time:  07:28 PMcomments:I have been quilting for years but I now want to do some applique and when I saw your' winter in the garden ' and 'summer flowers 'I was convinced so her goes I might have trouble choosing colours but I will keep your photos close 
Thanks for the inspirationjill

Name:  Adrienne MacDonald
Date:  Thursday April 24, 2008
Time:  09:13 AMcomments:Hi Sheila  Remember your workshop on PEI and the trip across the Confederatiobn Bridge?
What is the name of your latest book?

Name:  Martha Shea
email: mshea5@sympatico>ca
Date:  Monday June 09, 2008
Time:  06:43 AMcomments:Hello Sheila
Thanks for showing us your quilt yesterday
We will certainly want to talk to you about a commission for John and me
Your work is stunning!!
Thanks for all your help with the reunion
This is our Montreal HOME e-mail
Take care

Name:  Lorraine Jourdain
Date:  Wednesday September 10, 2008
Time:  06:58 PMcomments:Hi Sheila,
Just a Hello time!!
Hope to see you soon.

Name:  Lesley Wintle & (Serena Wintle)
Date:  Thursday December 25, 2008
Time:  06:50 PMcomments:Fabulous quilts Sheila! My Christmas present for my Mom was a Hit! She loved it.  Thanks so much. Lesley

Name:     Eileen Rice
comments: just love your color palette applique it gave me more ideas than any other i have seen
Date:     Saturday August 22, 2009
Time:     01:50 AM