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Wintle Quilt Works

My Lecture Portfolio 


Topic: "How I Got Here From There"

    This is a light-hearted account of my quilting heritage, and development into a full time professional quilt maker.

    The ladies of my family are represented by photos and actual quilts.  There are a total of 15 quilts in the trunk show.  This portion of the lecture accentuates the need for documenting current quilts.

    Also, I talk about making a career change in my life, and developing self-esteem as a result of quilting.  The good times and the not so good times are shared, as other quilters identify with the story and perhaps feel encouraged about their own quilt making.

    Depending on location, set-up is light, I need only 15 chairs, which can be placed on tables.  This allows all to see and a microphone, if possible.

Duration: 45 minutes

Fee:  Contact Sheila for current rate

Topic:  "Good Ideas"

    One of my strongest abilities is my capability to create original designs.

    This is a stumbling block for most quilt makers.  It is either something they are not interested in doing because they like to make traditional style quilts or it is something that they do not understand how to accomplish.  But all ideas for whatever style of quilt started with a good idea.  This lecture helps any style of quilt maker feel positive about their work. 

    This lecture has a trunk show and I demonstrate how I find good ideas and what I can do with them.  It is fun, set-up is light, a microphone and overhead projector are helpful.

Duration: 45 minutes

Fee:  Contact Sheila for current rate